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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 5, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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rainfall totals not so impressive in some areas and quite impressive in others. san francisco nine tenths of an inch. nearly 1.inches in warm springs dam. and we see an area of high pressure building in now. what does that mean for the weather? i'll have the forecast coming up just a little bit later. >> so much of the ground in the bay area saturated, particularly north of the golden gate bridge a number of trees came crashing down today. >> wayne freedman picks up coverage now in marin county overlooking sausalito. >> best we can tell you is that most of us survived this latest wave of storms unscathed. there have been more than a few. we tracked some of them down, today. here is a question. if a giant oak crashes down
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and no one hears it does the tree make a sound? if it close that's road five hours, is a nuisance? katie kerr two who found the fallen tree would give us a resounding yes. but she's positive... >> it could be snow. that would be worse. >> could have fought faulen on the car. >> yes. really. disaster. >> sonoma county has a program to trim the!!9u overhanging branches of the road-hugging trees but can't get all of them. four have fallen in four days. tangled remains of this one looked like surewood forest. now to southern marin. yet another tree fell across sausalito boulevard. residents heard that one. and they have had three down now and more trees to follow.
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>> all right. we lost wayne's audio there. i think we got the gist of the story. a three-car accident closed three roads and it was a nightmare on the bridge traffic wise backed up into the city. chp tells us a car going southbound crashed into one going northbound spun into another car. three people hospitalized with minor injuries. >> cruise are bringing in boulders to help stabilize the stream bed underneath a road that washed away. the sink hole developed sunday afternoon. those will help prevent the situation from getting worse. crews will bring a larger pipe to help prevent this from happening again. >> downed trees of an ongoing problem with rain-soaked soil throughout the bay area. >> right. eric thomas has the story of
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how a tree narrowly missed a couple. a visit from city building inspector today. here is why. big chunks of an 80 foot tall cypress came crashing into his home, one piece feet from where he and his wife slept. >> we woke up and yeah. thank the lord we're here to talk to you bit. it's a big tree. fell over my head. luckily one branch, the main trunk of the tree fell into our ward -- yard. >> no one in the home was hurt, other parts of the tree came to rest on the roof and second floor balcony. scott blames saturated ground for bringing the tree down. >> i have three kids them woke up and n.a stir. and we got them dressed and took them off to school. >> kids don't get a day off from school, however face the holidays in a hotel while
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repairs continue on their house. >> wind and rain being blamed for cancellations and night delays today, 18 inbound and outbound flights had to be cancelled. many others delayed. qm with your airline before arriving at the airport. >> stay with us for continuing storm watch coverage. remember, you can track the storm any time with live doppler 7 hd. you'll find that at abc 7 >> police in peed yont on the lookout for thieves targeting a boy scout christmas tree lot. >> workers noticed items missing from the lot late friday afternoon. someone climbed the fence, took wreaths, garlands tools and a heater worth about $1,000. proceeds benefit 10 boy ask cub scout troop autos a former narcotics officer pleaded guilty to five felony charges thchl is video. norman welsh admitted to stealing drugs then reselling
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them on the streets. he stole cash and cell phones from prostitutes, welsh pleaded not guilty but changed his mind today as part of a plea deal, now facing 10 years in president ron and will be sentenced in february. >> there is information in the deadly shooting of a bicyclist in berkeley. we told but this on abc 7 morning news. police say a woman in her late 40s or early 50s was shot and killed while riding her bike shortly before midnight this, happened behind long fellow middle school. police are asking anyone who may have information to give them a call. >> in oakland police looking for three gunman in a shooting that injured four people late last night around east 18th street and fifth avenue near southeast side of lake merit. a witness tells abc 7 news he heard the gunshots ringing out near a liquor store in the area. >> a driver says he lost control of the car. the crash injured a female
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shopper taken to the hospital. this happened near haskell street. employees say they couldn't tell how fast the driver was going. >> the ports of los angeles and long beach are open again this afternoon. >> workers reached an agreement with the 14 shipping cost estimated billion dollars per day. the clerk as agreed on a pack. >> the targ yoit moved throughout the supply chain. give everybody those presents. they're looking for it in the stores. >> the ports of long beach and los angeles handle a full 44% of the ship traffic. it should take about two weeks for tofrg get back to normal. >> california election results will not be official until a week from friday. registrars have until last night to finish counting ballots. many were mailed in. some arriving at the last minute.
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the process takes a weekend and one southern california assembly race wasn't decided until just three days ago. >> remarkable. a crowd beginning to gather in just over an hour. the christmas tree lighting will be on west steps of the state capitol this, year's tree, 50 foot white fir from the redding area. it's the first capitol christmas tree from a state forest. the tree will be illuminated by 10,000 energy efficient lights. >> bizarre radio prank involving the royal baby. plus, a sign pregnant kate middleton's condition sim proving. >> also, do you think there is a starbucks on just about every corner now, just wait. the coffee giant has venti expansion plans. >> michael fin gee taking your questions on twitter and facebook and will answer them live in just a little bit.
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and taking a look at traffic right now in san francisco's skyway, you can see it's smooth sailing for drivers heading south towards 101. for drivers trying to make their way across the bay bridge, it's slow going as we typically see this time of the day. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues
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pregnancy complications of the future queen of britain are a serious matterg"$ñ but tht didn't stop some radio djs in australia from pulling a
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prank. at king edward the 7th hospital to be by his wife's bed side again, this bizarre host emerged. >> hello there. could i please speak to kate please, my granddaughter. >> yes. just hold on. >> thank you. >> two radio djs pretending to be the queen and prince charles prank called the hospital ward and managed to speak with one of her private nurses about how the duchess is feeling. >> kate, my darling are you there? >> good morning ma'am this is the nurse speaking how may i help you?. >> i'm just after my granddaughter kate,. >> the hospital released a statement saying it deeply regrets giving out information about kate's condition adding this was a foolish prank wall kaul we all deplore. barely 12 weeks pregnant the royal couple forced to break the news to the world after
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kate, suffering from a condition called hype hyperemisis gravidarum was admitted to the hospital. >> outpouring of4)&rb support. and i think that must have given them encouragement and made them feel perhaps more positive and excited about the whole thing. >> in a sign kate is getting better you can see the prints's beaming smile after spend spending six hours with his wife last night. the palace released a statement saying the duchess of cambridge is continuing to feel better but will remain in the hospital to be treated for acute nausea. positive signs the royal couple isn't out of the woods just yet. >> a reality television star offering her advice to kate. nicole snooky told reporters the duchess should enjoy the pregnancy and be excited. she is best known as a hard partying member of the "jersey
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shore" cast. also advising the duchess to enjoy the first few months. >> snooky, nowohjñp life coach. soon, you'll be likely seeing more starbucks coffee houses. the coffee giant announced today it's planning to open more than 3,000 new cafes in the u.s. over five years. the company says it will renovate thousands of cafes and serve a new brand of tea. and says it will have more than 20,000 stores open by to 14. star bucks is qum a new gift card you can use at the stores, offering the first super premium gift card.  usa today records the card is made of steel. and will koflt $450. it's loaded with $400 on it which is a lot of lattes. additional $50 is the cast cost to make a steel card. >> it's ridiculous. >> yes.
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you should get a steel card. >> throw in the steel. >> you're right. >> newest game in call of duty franchise is flying off the shelf autos yes. how big will the tablet harkt be in addition to that? willow bay joins us wlif today's after the bell report. >> good afternoon. we know the tab blet market is seeing explosive growth. today, the researcher released numbers showing how explosive. itc now says tablet shipments were more than double over four years and revived sales fact for this year, up by nearly 5%. strong demand for ipad mini a day after sharing data n the mobile phone market saying shipment woz climb to 2.2 billion units in 2016. an droid is expected to lose market share it will still market share it will still hang on toñ apple ios. blizzard's latest installment
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of call of duty has topped $1 billion in sales in just the first 15 days since release. the franchise is quickly becoming one of the most important properties with the last edition bringing in more than $1 billion. that is the first 16 days on sale. meantime, intsagram is making it's harder to post pictures to twitter increasing the growing rivalry between the the founder says he believes the best experience for users is to link back to his site instead of using a service called twitter cards. today some images on twitter appeared cropped or distorted. and block bust yir is well known for being in the movie rental business. now, it will start selling mobile phones in its stores. store sources tell bloomberg it could be courtesy of dish
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network, considering starting a mobile phone service. taking a look at markets, most stocks rose after the president said in an agreement on the budget could be reached in a week. your bloomberg silicon valley index is lower, some of the apple, ora cell and google.$!uñ amazon will run on the company's kindel fire tab blets featuring books, apps ask videos from content providers. members. i'm willow bay with bloomberg west, back to you. >> thank you. >> women are making in roads in the legal and medical fields. in 2010 women held a third of all legal jobs up from 29% in 2000. and in the medical field women had about about 32% of the jobs in 2010 compared to just under 27% in 2000. numbers do show a gap still
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exists. in 2007 median income for a female loier was $90,000. for female doctor around $112,000, that is $186,000 for men. researchers say the gap is largely due to women taking time off to raise children or opting for less demanding position autos turning to the forecast once again, and another dousing today but it looks like things are getting better. >> they are. >> are we going to get the break, spebser? >> like spring time for october. yes. things are improving. here is a live view. this mount tam or wujering heights? things looktx5reary up there. gusts in the clouds and mist and not much of a breeze. so that is how it looks on mount tam right now. here is how it looks on live doppler 7 hd. we don't have rainfall at the
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moment. clouds around and some moisture into scattered showers down in parts of the south bay. taking a look across santa cruz mountains. we've got light showers, this is widely scattered we're not looking at heavy rainfall here. sit wet in thiswp%p area. then, these temperature readings under cloudy skies with scattered showers lingering. showers from upper 50s to low 60s right now. features, showers endingc2úyu fog. we don't expect it to be dense, mostly sunny days ahaechld will be turning milder this weekend. and staying that way for a whi. here is the satellite radar showing a frontal system passing through that bringing us dreary weather. high pressure is building in behind the front. that is going give us a spring of sunny days with some mild weather mixed in there.
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notice showers taper off leaving clouds and fog around into ermly morning hours. we don't expect the fog to be dense. there could be reduced visibility. low temperatures dropping into upper 40s in parts of the north bay. around 50 in other parts of the bay area or low 50s. then, tomorrow, sunny skies, south bay high temperatures in low 60s, 62 in san jose. highs will be into the low 60s. upper 60s to just above 60s on the coast. we'll see mainly low 60s on the north bay. low 60s in the east bay. 62 in oakland and union city and inland east bay. sim already range. low 60s. nearçç5m monterey bay, see the clouds lingering longer there.
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still a partly sunny day. here is the accu-weather forecast. nice day for the raiders game tomorrow against broncos. thursday night football here on abc 7. notice we start to warm up over the weekend. mid-60s not only inland but on the coast by sunday. carrying into next week. >> nice. >> lovely forecast. >> nice period to dry out. >> coming up, jay-z may be a world famous multi millionaire but he's sharing a humbling experience. his story is ahead. >> who is the most overpaid movie star in hollywood? in los angeles, find out who tops the list, which heart throb is taking a break from acting next. >> taking a look at traffic bridge, things moving smoothly, a big recovery from horrible traffic accident there earlier today. stay with us. abc 7 news
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>> you think everybody knows jay-z, right is in the famous rapper rode new york subway to a concert met a woman admitted she had no idea who he was. check out this documentary video jay-z posted to his life plus times web site. >> i don't know me. my name is jay.
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>> can i give you a call? >> the woman asked him to repeat his name, then he gave her his full stage name, jay-z. she responded oh. i know about jay-z. she told him she was proud of him for riding the subway. >> that is out of context, though? you can imagine not really that guy looks familiar but can't be jay-z you think people with cameras going to give away he's someone? >> yes. someone big. >> one of the hollywood hottest stars is moving behind the camera. >> those stories and more in today's entertainment report. >> happy birthday to frankie munoz. he revealed he was hospitalized after suffering a miney stroke. he sat down with abc news saying he couldn't speak but is almost back to normal now. >> i can't get a deep breath in. still trying to make sense of it.
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and happy i'm alive. >> frankie plans to continue the tour with his band and get near married next year. all that have swoon worthy screen time may be too much for channing tatum. announcing he's taking a break from acting saying he plans to move behind the camera next year and focus on directing. but do not fear, he says a sequel to "magic mike "stoi in the works, plenty of other stars will still be acting and according to "forbes" getting paid too much. eddie murphy tops the list of the most overpaid movie stars. catherine heigl came in second place. sandra bullock and jack wlak of. >> a i yearn to be known as most overpaid anything. not to be. not yet, anyway.
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>> also... >> in santa cruz mountains crews fix a problem and another day brings a new issue. we'll have that. >> plus, possible economic problem with proposition 30,mi0ñ school funding tax increased last month. we'll have a live report on that just ahead. >> a certain type of aspirin >> a certain type of aspirin may not be as beneficial you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here,
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and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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>> with storms we've had since last week two, places have been hit hardest. north bay ask santa cruz mountains. let's check in now with the santa cruz mountains. >> right. though it did not rain hard all day, rain, wet weather is persistent. hills are of course, saturated. so we got a new problem here in the santa cruz mountains today, but first let's give you[ylh good news. take a look at the video. after hard work strin hill road is reopened to one lane of traffic. half of the road slipped away in the next series of storms, crews worked in the rain
4:30 pm
finishing off repairs to get this popular artery reopened. it was a three day project utilizing, get this, eight tons of k rail and 11 steel plates. widening the road for one lane traffic. >> i'm please with the progress they're making. i was doing it quickly. it's -- this is a, you know major way for us to get up there to the valley. >> the rain comes again like it did. like we had last week. we'll be out again, doing... while we're doing this stuff. it's all county wide. >> it is. before vine hill officially reopened around 1:00, another county road slos closed. a tree came down in scots valley, that took a power line with it. pg&e did scramble to bring
4:31 pm
those customers back online, there are still nine incidents county wide affecting a total of just 35 customers. not bad considering the battering that the santa cruz mountains has taken. coming up at 6:00 we'll show you some of the problems on the road today, one example that you won't believe. that is coming up at 6:00. reporting live in santa cruz mountains abc 7 news. >> thank you. let's check in now with spencer christian. >> there is a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see we have
4:32 pm
lighter batch of rain just made ate cross the bay oaf to fremont. thereéhc8q is an area of good n. high pressure now bringing us today's wet weather. this is going to dominate our weather picture bringing us a string of sunny days and milder weather as well. it's great to be the barrier gf news. >> thank you. >> a new poll shows almost half of americans want to raise taxes on the rich to avoid the so called bris cal cliff. the poll reveals 48% of the polls want taxes raised on those who make $250,000 or more. republican leaders insist that is what will happen with their proposal. 3 guess who? the rich. there are ways to limit deduction asks have the same people pay more money to the
4:33 pm
federal government without raising rates. >> republicans want to increase the eligibility age for medicare lower a cost of living. president obama's plan raising taxes but medicare and social security will be largely spared. the budget cuts. we're getting an idea about possible long term impact tax increases voter as proved in proposition 30 could have on state economy. abc 7 news joins us live now with the story. nannette? >> well, higher taxes are not expected to be a major hit to the economy. if you're looking for a job it's hard to hear about a possible slow down in highering. governor brown got voters last month to approve proposition 30. a temporary income tax increase and a boos0qz the sales tax to save public schools. but a new anderson forecast called it a double edged sword
4:34 pm
because that will have a slight drag on the committee, slowing california growth. >> republicans have been saying that sometime. it change behaviors. it's dampening economic recovery. >> the forecast estimates payroll growth hovering between 1% and 2% in next two years. it predicts the rate will average 10.5% by the end of the year, then improve to 9.7% next year with the jobless rate around 8.4% in 2014. >> jerry shelton is a school finance consultant and says the report doesn't take into aif the kth what would have happened if voters rejected prop 30. $6 billion in cuts, mostly to public education. he thinks$c]b californians wano trade short term economic growth for an investment in kids. >> we would been looking at shortening the school day, more kids out on the streets. you know?
4:35 pm
higher levels of droppouts and things like that. that is exactly what the voters didn't want to see. >> still for job seekers to see slow downs in hiring is frustrating. >> i looked for a year and a half. everything is $10 an hour. i don't know how people survive. it's tough. i don't know how they do it. >> the forecast points out california remains on track for economic growth and more jobs indicating the state has turned a corner. live in sacramento abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> there has been an arrest in a horrible crime shocking new york city and the nation. a 30-year-old nahid davis seen with arguing with a 58-year-old on a subway platt form has been charged with murder for shoving in front of the tracks in this headline and picture of hahn taken just an intant before the death is
4:36 pm
sparking outrage. people asking why the post published this and why the photographer didn't rush to help hahn climb back. the photographer said there wasn't time. >> took me a second to figure out what happened. i saw the lights... in the distance. thing coy think of at that time was to alert the driver with my camera flash. >> the new york post has not commented on the decision to use the photo and headlines. >> onto the caldecott tunnel. it's happy birthday for the tunnel. the anniversary of the opening of the tunnel and the original awards replace aid 1903 tunnel prone to closing. a third opened up in 1964. a new $400 million fourth is
4:37 pm
set to open late next year. >> it will help it will. >> a study raises questions about the coating on aspirin, ahead. >> and a suggested change in guidelines for millions of women taking steps to prevent a recurrence of breast cancer. >> today 7 on your side q and a just ahead. i'm still taking your questions. you can contact me on finney abc 7 and on twitter at m finney. i'll answer questions here, live a little later. >> and it's slow going right now. at the mcarthur maze. but for drivers on the right side of the screen making their way to san francisco, once you clear this this is easy going through the toll gate.
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checking healthy living news, a new study suggests using a breast cancer drug for a longer period of time reduces the chances of getting the disease again, currently millions of women take the druggtx'q tamoxifin for five ye. studies show taking it 10 years lowered the risk. compared to those who took it for five years. another new study shows what is called protective sleep
4:41 pm
improve as lertness and performance of medical interns and residents. some work 30 hour shifts. the study made a group of interns on extended overnight duty turn off cell phones give beepers to residents and get sleep. that is why they call it protective sleep no. distraction as loued. >> slept earlier. and less disturbed. the three hours, 50% more sleep they got, was beneficial. >> and those interns reported feeling more alert and refreshed with the forced protective sleep. >> a study on aspirin suggests the coating may actually reduce the drug's benefits. aspirin has been proven to help prevent heart attacks and stroke buzz in 10 years studies concluded some people may be resis stent to the benefits. ace recent study disputes the findings showing no resis stent people suggesting the
4:42 pm
coating interfered with the way the drug enters the body. we'll have more on the study coming up on abc world news tonight at 5:30. >> we want to invite you to be part of our raiders celebration beginning tonight a special pregame edition of abc 7 news at 6:30. we're getting it going tomorrow night with yours truly hosting a pregame show at 4:00 in the afternoon. raiders graitsz will join us for that. and at 5:00 the coverage starts live from the coliseum at 5:00. once the game ends, lincoln and rod will join me again for after the game. then, on to abc programming. gray's will air at 9:00 p.m. followed by scandal at 10:00.!5q and then, a special edition of abc 7 news at midnight. spencer christian will be part of our coverage. will be in the parking lot. the question, will you go out there with an umbrella? or not? i will be bold to have no umbrella tomorrow. however, if down here now or anywhere in the south bay, at
4:43 pm
this moment, you can see there might be need for umbrella. we have areas of scattered showers along a thin patch of a a.cross the santa cruz mountains. it's couple spots of precipitation near fremont. that is about it right now. tomorrow, state wide, dry conditions except for a patch of showers south of fresno. 81 degrees in taum springs, mild across the state. fog could settle into central valley. here in the bay area tomorrow, we expect sunny skies, high temperatures beginning to rise area tomorrow, here is a look at conditions tomorrow in oakland. it's thursday night football. you'll see it here on abc 7. game time, 5:20. mainly clear, we'll call it cool to chilly.
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it's cool to chilly by bay area standards. >> yes. yes. looks like great game condition autos thank you. >> okay. >> coming up, a look back at the career of a bay area jazz legend. >> first, model moms share their secret of how to get back into shape so quickly. >> up next, answering qur consumer questions. fell free to contact me on abc 7 an
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here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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we have breaking news from the sports world, cal has a new football coach. will be sunny dykes. he runs a spread offense, taking over for tedford. there is a players' meeting called in about 15 minutes to let players know what is going on. cal has not confirmed a news conference yet. it could happen as soon as
4:48 pm
tomorrow. but sony dykes will be the new head coach in berkeley. >> victoria secret models are legendary for figures and one isxaás sharing a secret for staying in shape, model lilly auld ridge credits ballet with bringing back curves and says ballets enables models to focus on area that's need attention after pregnancy. transition from models to michael finney. >> yeah. yeah. that is a good thing. >> yes. he's here to answer questions you sent to him.ophk >> i asked is shopping online better than in the store? well, that is a question for the ages right now. you know, it depends on what it is you're going for. if you don't know the product you've got to touch it and feel it. for many you have to try them on.
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if you buy fromgki small retailers you don't pay sales tax that you're supposed to pay later but no one does. so is the deal is where the deal is. boy have told you cheaper off line. it's not true anymore. everybody is competing so deal is where the deal is. >> there ishe0 this question for you. my car was totelled in an accident. i need to purchase another car no more than $4500. >> you can get a good car for that price. but the car you're going to get is the car no one else wants that. is what you're looking for. the car that is a strong performance, it isn't flashy. people don't think bit. where are you going to find that car? go to it's a great starting point. both have calculators go in to tell them the car you want and
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money you're willing to spend. it will give you their suggestions. they're very, very good. >> yes. >> okay. now, a deal i want to tell you about. there is a new company launching in san francisco next week called there will be offering daily service and they have buses all over the country offering the promotion. first 200,000 people to book any seat from january 9 to february 28th can ridened-ñ for pre. now, if you don't get in on this promotion they have a handful of seats that sell for ñ to get in on the deae deal, you need to enter this code when you book online. try megawith us.
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-- try megabus. >> and thank you, michael. >> we had to go somewhere. we want to go to l.a.. >> that is a deal. >> you don't have to be a jazz band to recognize a signature song. >> jazz great this legend helped define modern jazz. >> in the newsroom coming up at 5:00 san francisco police uncover stolen designer bags and electronics in a movie. and want to guard who facebook shares your information with? you need to tell the giant how you feel.
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maker of a san francisco favorite adding a new location. >> yes. a new bodine restaurant opens
4:55 pm
tomorrow, that is on sunnyvale road. and the first 100 people in line will win freeole fresh sour dough bread every day for a year. opening to celebrate the location starts at 5:00 today. >> a bay area man became a jazz legend has died. dave brubek went on to world acclaim with his innovative style. >> looking back at how he changed jazz. >> take five. the signature piece of the daveujxay brubek quartet. it made jazz star a pop star. >> he connected with people and his band mates. he was just a delightful person. that just came out in his music. >> the festival is in its 30th season. he was here for the opening of the 1994 season. that is when he talked to him about his >> the great dell courtney
4:56 pm
band used to rehearse in our house when ways a kid. i heard that band from the time i was five or six years old. >> duringuç]hn high school he played piano in stockton and the mother load. his father worked as a rodeo roper, after a stint in the service he went to mills chej. >> the gi bill aloud meals to go to mouth autos he formed a first group. he was playing bay area clubs in the 50s fwhu music was almost too sophisticated. he became america??ec's most-popular jazz band he took these rhythms and polly times. as long+m[#ñ as you can tap your foot it was just jamming. >> he advanced racial justice, playing black clubs in the 50s. >> he was a self he facing,9lm kennedy center honors recipient in 2009.
4:57 pm
herby hancock speaks for all of us. >> keep smiling and keep making great music. >> dave brubek gone at age 91. >> just an incredible talent. thins for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> the abc 7 news exclusive alarm clock app is available now for your an droid phone. down load now for free. that app is still available if you have an iphone. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. san francisco police break up a big burglary ring. we have pictures to help victims find stolen zponz computer autos i'm sandhya patel. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center, tracking a few showers when a drier pattern will come in coming up. >> and after ground topples trees around the bay area like
4:58 pm
this one crashing through a home. >> a sea ofut.u umbrellas lined streets this morning and today's storm hit while folks were heading off to work. >> and it left a mark on the morning kmult, flooding areas like this section of interstate 580 near 14th park boulevard exit. >> and rain or shine, crews were hard at work after the storm left behind a huge sink hole. >> sun tried hard, but never showed up today, you can see from the live shot from our camera, there are still clouds in the sky tonight. but conditions are a lot calmer. >> nice to see that. good evening. >> we have live team coverage on the problems the storm left behind. >> yes. nick smith hzv
4:59 pm
it's dry up here, we have cloud cover. moisture in the atmosphere, as far as wet weather, live doppler 7 is tracking it south. and east of us. let's check it out now. we have our own radar always tracking moisture for you. keeping you ahead of the storm. looking down towards south bay we do have showers around santa cruz mountains. south bay around san jose heading up towards fremont area, down to street level, camden avenue. down towards santa teresa boulevard. san jose light returns right now this, is translating into light showers around fremont. looking at rainfall totals we've got drenched this morning. 3800 in san jose. oakland close to an inch there. jant rosa, 98/100th. looking towards livermore just over a half inch of rain. when i come back, what this moisture behind me means for your morning commute.


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